International College Holds Opening Ceremony for Year 2015 Freshmen

2017-04-09 15:43:50 2017-04-09

The opening ceremony for Year 2015 freshmen of the International College was held on September 15 in Room B204 of the Humanities Building. Mr. Lai Mingyong, president of CSUST, Mr. Jiang Changbo, vice president, Ms. Ao Jie, head of Party and Administrative Office, Mr. Wu Dilong, Director of International Exchange Division, Mr. Joseph Owino and Mr. Ignatius Fomunung, representatives from the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga), Mr. Wang Lei, deputy dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Professor Liu Xiaoyan, as well as the administrative team of the International College, headteachers for the freshmen, foreign students and freshmen and representatives of their parents, attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Jiang Changbo.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Lai Mingyong, on behalf of CSUST, expressed his warm welcome and sincere greetings. He said that our US partner and CSUST would provide the best teachers and well-designed training program to strive to cultivate versatile talents with international perspectives and creativity and build our own brand in international education. He also expressed his hope that students should cherish the precious opportunity and pave their way for their study in the US and study hard to pass down the heritages handed down by our parents, our academic community and our university and become pillars of the country. After that, Mr. Lai Mingyong issued letter of employment to the two representatives as guest professors.

Mr. Dong Zhaoyang, dean of International College, extended his appreciation for the students’ choice of the International College of CSUST. He explained that International College aimed to promote the educational and cultural exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries, by taking full use of the well-equipped hardware and software conditions and import of foreign high-quality educational resources to achieve effective convergence of domestic and foreign high-quality education, and strive to provide the best education services for the students. He hoped that as the first batch of Sino-foreign joint-education program, all the students would shoulder the responsibility of growing to be talents with innovative capacity and international vision during the four years.

Dr. Owino first expressed his thanks to the International Exchange Division for the efforts that made this cooperation possible. Then he introduced UTC and said UTC attached great importance to cooperation with CSUST. During this trip, he had detailed and frank discussion with leaders from International College on issues as exchange of teachers and students, research cooperation and hardware and software facilities sharing and hoped for broader, higher level of cooperation.

Professor Liu Xiaoyan, on behalf of all the teachers, welcomed the new students and expressed her hope for the students. Freshmen representative, Yang Muhuan, thanked the teachers for their care and pledged to adapt to the environment, to develop good study habits and strive to be qualified talents.